At Home Coffee Bar for Under $200

Easy At Home Coffee Bar for Under $200

At Home Coffee Bar


I can spend some money at Starbucks! I love myself a good latte or iced coffee drink, but some days I just don’t have time to make a coffee run, or I just tell myself I need to tone it down with the $6.00/day coffee…. So I created my own little at home coffee station & wanted to share my finds! The Ninja coffee bar is my favorite, I switched from using a Keurig and never looked back, it has a milk frother, speciality brew sizes, over ice brew & really gives you the options to create the drink(s) of your preference.

I like to keep already ground coffee in the coffee canister, but when I can, and have time I like to ground fresh coffee or espresso beans and make specialty drinks.

Everything is found on Amazon, you can find disposable coffee cups, stir sticks, creamer etc …. Everything you need to create your own at home coffee bar. I’ve linked some of the main items below:

Ninja Coffee Bar: Find It HERE

Acrylic Canister Set: Find it HERE

( I did end up spray painting these white & then adding the stickers that I got at Hobby Lobbyy to spell out:  *coffee, sugar, tea*)

Burr Coffee Grinder: Find It HERE 

Coffee Organizer Station: Find It HERE

Disposable Coffee Cups: Find It HERE



MAGIC Skin Care Routine for Troubled Skin.

Friends! I have been sharing this combo with all of my friends and family & all over my social media, So I had to share with you too. I am 27 years young and have struggled with the unfortunate “hormonal” breakouts on my chin area, and even after Aunt flow leaves, I was left with texture, and tiny bumps in that area that I could never really get rid of. It was so frustrating. I tried a lot of products, from drugstore to name brand, face masks, scrubs, etc. After some searching on AMAZON one day for products that I could read the reviews on, I decided to purchase these TWO products that have CHANGED MY LIFE! My skin texture is GONE after 2-3 weeks, and my “hormonal” break outs are slim to none. I have never been so excited so I had to share. And even better, these products do not break the bank, you can get both of these products for about $15. Let me share what these 2 products are, and then I will share how I use them.

    1. Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, 12 oz
    2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap With Shea Butter 8 oz



How I use: If I have makeup up, I start by washing my face with my facial cleanser, rinse and then wash with the black soap and rinse. Pat my face dry, I use my micellar water with a cotton pad to remove any left over eye makeup or face makeup, once my face is completely dry I finish with the Witch Hazel, I just use a cotton pad a gently apply over my entire face and neck ( I do not rinse this off ) I repeat with the black soap and witch hazel in the morning before I apply my makeup.

If it is a no makeup kind of day, I just use the soap and witch hazel. This combo has truly made such a huge difference in my skin. I hope this helps you! let me know if you try this out.


EASY DIY Ikea Lack Farmhouse Coffee Table

Hi Friends! I wanted to share with you this super easy DIY


We’ve gotten so many compliments on our coffee table after we made these changes.

Heres how we did it. Table is from IKEA Modern Lack Coffee Table White

We then got 6 pieces of wood at LOWES, my husband took care of this for me. If I can remember right, I believe the pieces were about 6 inches wide , about a 1.5 inch tall & probably about 6 ft long that my husband had to cut down the length. I wanted a little bit of an edge all around, so he made that happen for me.

Stained the wood using a mixture of a brown & a grey stain.  I did a 50/50 ratio of both

Minwax 700484444 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain, quart, Classic Gray

Minwax 70014444 Wood Finish Penetrating Stain, quart, Jacobean

You can use whatever stains you prefer, and whatever sealer you prefer, I did not want any shine so I used the following as my sealer Minwax 222224444 Polycrylic Protective Finish Water Based, 1/2 pint, Matte

But as I said, you can use any stains/ sealer you want

I let the wood dry over night, and the next day I placed the pieces of wood onto the table and moved them around until they were in the exact order I wanted.

After the pieces were where I wanted them we used wood glue and a nail gun to attach the wood.  I did not mind using a nail gun and being able to see the top of the nails because it was part of the rustic look I was going for.

And that is it! Super easy and super simple DIY that totally changes the look of your space. If you do this DIY, please Tag me on social media @adoredashley


DIY Rae Dunn Inspired “Coffee Tea Sugar” Canisters

Hi Farmhouse friends, as most of you know; Rae Dunn is super popular among the Farmhouse decor fam, also …. Hard to get your hands on and/or pricey!!

So I decided to improvise … and make my own!

Here is a quick post, with images, links and how to! Hope you enjoy, please share if so.

The Acrylic Canister are from you can get them here: Calypso Basics by Reston Lloyd Acrylic Storage Canisters, Set of 3, White for $ 27 as of 11/9/17

I bought my decals at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 during a 50% off sale, I was not able to find these exact ones on their website but if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area I am sure you should be able to find them, Here are some similar ones I found online: Rae Dunn Inspired Set Vinyl Decal Sticker Kitchen Canister Labels Text

And believe it or not, I just used spray paint for the canisters, I did not prep the surface, or prime. You totally can if you want, I used a gloss white paint, painted about 3 coats        ( letting dry in between coats)   Rust-Oleum 7592838 Professional High Performance Enamel Spray Paint, Gloss White, 15-Ounce

I let the canisters dry over night, the next day I gently washed the inside with soap

And then put the decals on. I did not have any real method when applying the letters since Rae Dunn lettering can be kind of “crooked” looking anyways, I did however try to place them as close together as I could, so you could easily see the words displayed without it being stretched around the canister too much.

And that is it friends! I hope you enjoy & please if you re-create this tag me! I would love to see.


Here is the final result! 


Open Letter to RENTAL Property Owners:

“We don’t allow dogs.”

Excuse me? This is 2017, Where veganism is at its all time high, adoption rates have gone up & guess what, Animal Equality as a whole is becoming more ‘mainstream’ You look like an a$$ when you don’t allow pets.

We get it, we understand your fear of damage, but here is the thing, to you, it is a animal, to us, they are our fam! Our fur babies and they aren’t going anywhere. Most of us would be willing to put down more of a deposit, and or a pet deposit in order to earn your trust.

Yes, the dog could piss in the home a few times, it could chew on the blinds, but guess what, those things are REPLACEABLE, not allowing pets is like not allowing certain races.

Don’t be that person, set a comfortable pet deposit, add it to your contract that if anything is damaged from the pet is agreed to be replaced. and leave It at that.

I will keep it short and simple here, because I could go all in, I will leave the comments open for anyone that would like to add to this open letter, please feel free to share to get this seen by the people who need to see it.



Kids won’t sleep? … There’s an oil for that.

Us mom have all been there … “Okay kids, time for bed.”

But mom:

  • I am thirsty
  • I am hungry
  • I am itchy
  • I am not tired
  • I am afraid
  • My bed is to hard
  • My finger hurts
  • I need my other blanket
  • I need to go potty

You get the drift, bed time for my kids means they all of a sudden get this crazy burst of energy and do not want to go to bed. My kids bedtime is 8 o’clock … My 3 1/2 year old is the hardest. Those good ole bottles of oils I have collected come in handy at time like this.

I wanted to share with you momma’s some of the amazing products I use. 1st of all, if you don’t have a diffuser in the kids room you are missing out! When the room is stinky: Purification. When the kids are fighting colds: Thieves. When the oldest needs to study: Rosemary with Basil. And when it is time for bed: Lavender + Cedarwood.

Let me break down some of the benefits out these bedtime oils.

LAVENDER: Researchers found that lavender increased slow-wave sleep, the very deep slumber in which the heartbeat slows and muscles relax. Very calming and can be good for anxious feelings

CEDARWOOD: relaxing and soothing;  allows the brain to stop processing

Here are a few other great oils for sleep.

VALERIAN: calming to the nervous system and helps with restlessness

VALOR: balances the nervous system and helps strengthen the body and mind; increases feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem; Can also be useful for snoring.

VETIVER: relaxes the nervous system and helps with over stimulation

ROMAN CHAMOMILE: has a warm, sweet, herbaceous scent that is relaxing and calming for both mind and body. Its gentleness makes it especially valuable for restless children.

PEACE AND CALMING: promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being: helps release negative emotions: wonderful for children

STRESS AWAY: brings feelings of peace and tranquility; helps to relive daily stress and anxious feelings; promotes relaxation; restores equilibrium

ORANGE: lifts the spirit while providing a calming influence on the body; brings peace and happiness to the mind. It is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene and aids in maintaining normal cellular regeneration.



  • 12 drops Orange
  • 8 drops Lavender
  • 4 drops Cedarwood
  • 3 drops Valerian
  • 2 drops Roman Chamomile

doTerra lavender essential oil for sleep kids babies mom's best friend



Essential oils can be used both topically and through inhalation to improve the quality of sleep.

  1. The easiest way to receive the benefits of essential oils is through diffusing them.  I have a cute little home diffuser that came with my starter kit from Young Living Essential Oils.  It disperses the essential oils molecules into the air and allows you to inhale them.  The molecules of the essential oils are so small that they easily enter the olfactory nerves inside of your nose and into the limbic system, which is the seat of emotions in the body.  Diffuse oils 30-60 minutes before bedtime.
  2. If you do not have a diffuser, you can place a drop or 2 of essential oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, cup them around your nose and inhale deeply.  Do this for several minutes.  I have found this an effective way to use many of my sleep oils.
  3. You can also rub 1-2 drops of essential oils on the bottoms of your feet, shoulders,  back of your neck or stomach.  I often use a bit of carrier oil like coconut or jojoba to help it spread.
  4. Mix 3-6 drops of essential oil with epsom salt or baking soda and add to a hot bath water while tub is filling. Soak in bath for 20-30 minutes. 
  5. Rub 1-2 drops on the temples and back of neck several times a day.
  6. Place a warm compress with 1-2 drops of chosen oil on the back.



Please note that I am only talking about 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  Only about 2% of essential oils sold are considered therapeutic grade.  There is no standard for EOs and so many of the oils you find may be adulterated and can actually contain harmful ingredients.

My essential oil of choice is Young Living Essential Oils. They own their farms and they run a very tight supply chain.  I trust their essential oils above all others because they are pure and unadulterated and are manufactured for therapeutic use not just for smell.

I am a wholesale member, meaning that I save 24% on all of my essential oils.  Becoming A Member

We also use YL’s Tranquil Roll-On : Tranquil Roll-On  is a proprietary blend of lavender, cedarwood and roman chamomile essential oils formulated to calm and relax the body and mind. Using the roll-on application , Tranquil provides convenient and portable relaxation.

And here is a little something for the moms that need help falling asleep; ImmuPro™ provides the benefits of natural immune-supporting Ningxia wolfberry polysaccharides in the convenience of a delicious fruit-flavored chewable supplement. Beta glucan has been shown in studies to enhance the immune system’s response and to help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.* ImmuPro contains reishi and maitake mushrooms, which support the activity of antibodies and natural killer cells.* This formula is enhanced with calcium, zinc, selenium, and copper, all needed for proper immune function.* It has a small trace of melatonin.

Why Use Essential Oils?

If you use any of the products I mentioned, let me know how they worked for you and what your favorite oils to use are?

Vocal Vegans

Why are vegans so vocal? Why are vegans so “preachy” ?

However you want to word it, it gets asked a lot and there seems to be a building vocal war between omnivores & herbivores.

I can’t speak for all, but I know for me when I was 1st exposed to the truth and the reality of the meat and dairy industry I felt sadness (for the animals) and anger (that this information is so hidden) Sure, if you have the desire to dig you can get all the information you’ll need, but for most… People don’t even want to hear about it. The biggest response I get from “meat eaters” is they don’t want to see it, that they know what goes on. And the only thought that goes through my mind is “what!?” That seems like a very selfish response, you don’t want to see it, why? Because it may effect your eating experience, or because you’ll continue to eat that way regardless of knowing the truth? That is the problem with today’s world, we get so comfortable in our day to day habits that we don’t seem to care what we put in our bodies, we don’t care where our garbage ends up. There was a quote I came across online that really resonated with me; “If animals could speak, mankind would weep”

I refuse to let myself go with the flow, to let myself make conscious decisions that 100% harm, rape and torture animals. So, why are vegans so vocal?

  1. We speak for those who have no voice
  2. We have been exposed to the truth
  3. We CARE
  4. We wish others would have told us the truth
  5. The meat & dairy industry is HUGE and we want our impact to be even BIGGER then theirs!

I understand, it can sometimes be a harsh approach, but we have been exposed to a harsh reality. A reality that we want no part of. And our reality is, there is no sugar coated way to tell people “Hey, look, that burger that you are eating, yeah uhhh… the thing about the cow it came from … ” You get the point.

It gets better over time, I learn to bit my tongue around certain people, I keep mental records in my head of people that will truly never care. Sometimes all you can do is continue to make that effort and just hope that they open their minds to at least educate themselves on what really goes on.

At the end of the day, were are not vegan for YOU, We are vegan for the ANIMALS. And though many do not like a “vocal vegan” guess who loves a Vocal Preachy Vegan? The Animals.


I simply ask others who are not vegan, to at least take 1 day … Just ONE DAY to do some research, educate yourselves. I understand watching torture videos is disturbing, but guess what!? Not all Vegan research has to include gruesome clips… I will link a few below


Once you are able to educate yourself, I think you will have a better understanding of why Vegans are so vocal. And understand Veganism is on the rise, and new vegans tend to be more vocal then long term vegans. It is a lot to take it, and when you are exposed to the truth, all you want to do is let others know.


Another thing to keep in mind, you are not missing out on anything! They make all things Vegan nowadays: Pizza, ice cream, cheese, meat, hot dogs, milk, creamer, bacon, burgers, eggs … So it makes the transition that much easier! All it takes are baby steps, the 1st step is to really take the time to educate yourselves, I push that a lot.


I truly believe education is key, not only is the meat and dairy industry cruel, but it harms our bodies eating like that, it harms our planet & the rising trend on veganism could help cure world hunger. I have 2 kids of my own, I am a very very persistent on educating them & letting them choose on their own, my oldest, though she does not have as much discipline yet, tries very hard to stick to a vegan diet, at her own will!


I could write for days on this topic! And there will be more vegan related posts to come. I truly hope that this post encourages someone to just do a little bit of research on this topic.

I will continue to be a vocal vegan, and will continue to remind myself to do so in a loving way without making others uncomfortable.

Inside the Young Living 2016 Spring Catalog


Spring is here! At that means lots of fresh and exciting things from Young Living!

Take a look through their Spring Catalog here: 2016 Spring Catalog Loaded with tons of inspiration & fun ideas.

Get Wholesale Pricing Here: Wholesale Pricing

New this season:

2016 Thieves Cleaning Set  5677

Our Thieves® Household Cleaner cuts through grease, dirt, and grime with its naturally derived ingredients, including our powerful Thieves essential oil blend. With the Thieves Cleaning Set, spring cleaning just got a whole lot easier.         Wholesale Price

Tackle any chore with our 14-ounce bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner, an elegant 16-ounce amber glass spray bottle, 15-ml Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend, and a new Thieves cleaning how-to booklet.

2016 Essential Oil Culinary Collection 5674

Cooking with essential oils just got more convenient. For this exclusive set, we pulled together 10 of our new Vitality™ dietary oils that offer versatility in the kitchen and packaged them in a beautiful box with a stand, so you can easily access and display your oils.



2016 Men’s Grooming Kit

Help your favorite guy keep his face smooth with our luxurious Shutran Shave Cream. Formulated with hydrating palm, grape seed and olive oils, naturally derived vitamin E complex, and mango and cocoa butter, this cream will provide a frictionless glide to reduce razor burn and nicks. Our customized men’s toiletry bag will keep everything in one place. The thick fabric bag features one leak-proof internal compartment, another internal compartment made of mesh, an external accessory pocket, elastic loops to secure his toothbrush or razor, and a pull-out hook for hanging.

2016 NingXia Red Ice Pop Set 5676

Now that the ground is thawing, we’re craving cool treats again. Our NingXia Red® ice pops will make your mouth water, and with our NingXia Red Ice Pop Set, making these frozen treats couldn’t be easier!

Our ice pop set includes a 750-ml bottle of NingXia Red and our custom ice pop molds. These silicone molds make finished ice pops easy to remove and are safe to use with citrus essential oils. This mold makes 4 ice pops.


2016 Spring Catalog Water Bottle

5673.jpgEtched with a beautiful botanical design and topped with a modern metal twist cap, our glass water bottle makes hydration chic. Plus, with a free 5-ml bottle of Lemon Vitality™ essential oil, you can give your H2O a burst of aroma and flavor.

Young Living Cookbook & Einkorn Flour Combo Pack 5688

Learn more about cooking with Young Living products—from the Vitality™ line of dietary essential oils to our einkorn grain—with our new cookbook. Find recipes for beverages, main dishes, sides, desserts, and gluten-free dishes for any occasion. We’ve even included member-contributed recipes that were too good not to share!

This combo pack includes a 32-ounce bag of Einkorn Flour and the cookbook for you to get started with this ancient grain.

Click Here for Wholesale Pricing

Coming Soon:

Art Intensive Moisturizer – This lush and deeply hydrating cream helps skin look radiant at any age with the help of botanicals such as Sandalwood, Frankincense and cedar wood. Use it in tandem with the rest of their ART skin care line.

Lavender Oatmeal Bar Soap

ID- 3561931


Essential Oil Uses: Women


I get a lot of questions on what the purposes and/or uses are for certain oils, So I decided to start a 3-part series.  As Beyoncé once said “Who run the world? GIRLS!”  I found it only appropriate to start my series with Women. The 2nd series will be Men & the 3rd will be children.                                       Purchase Oils

I will start with my favorite oils & how I use them.

  • Lavender:  Loved for its calming, soothing fragrance. When diffused, Lavender adds a clean and fresh scent to any room. It is also a relaxing addition to body care products and baths. I like to diffuse after a long day at work, I usually mix it with Peace & Calming or Stress Away. It is GREAT to add to a bubble bath, add a few drops to your body lotion. I have to have Lavender available at all time! This is probably the one I go thru the quickest as well. Wholesale pricing for a 15ml bottle is $23 .
  • Peace & Calming II:  This is the 2nd version of the original Peace & Calming (which is usually always out of stock) The gentle aroma of Peace & Calming II includes Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, German Chamomile, Vetiver, Cistus, Bergamot, Cassia, Davana, and Young Living’s exclusive Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oils. This proprietary blend creates a relaxing and pleasant aroma when inhaled or diffused. Dilute ( I dilute with coconut oil)  and apply topically to moisturize and beautify the appearance of skin.
  • Stress Away: I mean, as a woman, this should be on your person at all time! This is not a drill! No really though, I have a travel size bottle at my desk at work, in my purse, in my car & at home. Young Living’s Stress Away™ essential oil blend is a natural solution created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life. Stress Away is the first product to contain the unique stress-relieving combination of lime and vanilla pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Stress Away also includes copaiba and lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. Featuring powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla, Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension.*


Those are my top 3 oils for day-to-day use, when it is a long work/mommy day, I gravitate towards these 3.

Every woman is different, but women have a lot in common! So Let’s touch on the oils us as women would benefit from (I.E: Cramps, headaches, bedroom activities) You get the picture. 🙂


  • Dragon Time: What an appropriate name! Tee-Hee! Dragon Time™ is a blend of calming and soothing essential oils, including clary sage, which contains natural phytoestrogens – the perfect choice for women’s emotions during special times and needs. Its balancing properties make it a perfect choice for supporting normal, healthy emotions during the female monthly cycle. Dragon Time is recommended for young and mature women. You can rub 2-3 drops on your tummy & lower back for cramps, I recommend diluting 1 part oil 1 part oil of your preference (Coconut etc)
  • Sclaressence: Used for female hormonal support, energy balance, & women’s health, SclarEssence™ supports normal glandular functions.* It combines the soothing effects of peppermint with the balancing power of fennel and clary sage along with the gentle, calming action of sage lavender for an extraordinary dietary supplement. Do some research on this one; it may not be great for all women, * It helps balance female hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone.*
  • Geranium: Geranium essential oil is produced from the steam distillation of Geranium’s fragrant flowers and leaves and has an aroma that encourages peaceful, spiritual feelings. Great for respiratory support, liver support, Women’s Health.


  • Joy: Joy™ is a delightful blend of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman Chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose essential oils that harmonize for a sweet, joyful aroma. When diffused, Joy creates a warm, comforting environment and inspires a romantic aromatic atmosphere. Wear Joy as a cologne or perfume to exude an alluring and irresistible fragrance that inspires romance and togetherness.
  • Peppermint:Fresh, nostalgic, and instantly recognizable, Peppermint essential oil’s scent invigorates the mind and senses, while inspiring a sense of peace. Used topically, Peppermint oil creates a cool, tingling sensation on the skin. Great to use on the roof of your mouth throughout the day for a quick breath refresher!When your day is dragging—through a workout, class, or day at work—enjoy some Peppermint oil benefits by applying it to your head and neck. The refreshing aroma will give you a boost of positivity! Peppermint is also a great option for diffusing on its own or with compatible scents such as Lavender, Rosemary, Spearmint, or Sage!


  • Jasmine: Considered to be exotic and romantic, Jasmine supports the skin’s appearance and is used in several Young Living personal care products. The sweet, floral aroma of Jasmine relaxes the mind and boosts self-confidence.
  • Valor:  is one of THE most popular oils! Its woodsy, positive scent comes from a blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Rosewood, and Frankincense.Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude or to unwind at the end of the day. Its powerful yet calming scent is versatile enough that you can integrate it into your morning and bedtime routines and anywhere in between.

    Valor Essential Oil Uses

    • Diffuse Valor in the morning to jump-start a busy day with its uplifting, affirming scent.
    • Combine with an diluting oil(I always use coconut oil to dilute)… to unwind before bed with a relaxing foot or back massage.
    • Refresh throughout the day by directly inhaling or massaging onto your neck, chest, or hands and wrists.

As you can see Young Living offers oils for everyone! You can cater to your wants/needs. You don’t need all this oils! This is just an idea, and of course there are many more that I did not list on here that can be used for your lifestyle. The purpose was just to better educate and get you started on some oils that women have used & rave about the benefits. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me:

If you want to get started you can follow this link: CLICK HERE



With 2 children in the house & a hard working man who tracks in all kinds of stuff, there always seems to be a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Sticky spots on the counter. Juice stains on a shirt. Laundry to do. Food stain on the couch. Dirty handprints on the wall. Cups and toys that were left outside… You get the picture 😉

With so many things to clean, I don’t want to use chemical cleaners. I can’t tell you how many times my kids have dropped floor on the food & ate it. Also; quick fact: your feet are the most absorbent part of your body, you don’t want to be absorbing in these chemicals from floor cleaners. 🙈 I knew I wanted better!

And then I found Thieves Household Cleaner. 🙌 Got stains in the shower grout? Got stains on the carpet? Need a tough degreaser? Need hand soap? Thieves Household Cleaner will clean it all! AND smells amazing!

What is Thieves Household Cleaner?

It’s hard to believe, but this is truly an all-in-one natural cleaner that’s non-toxic, yet super effective.

It’s made with 100% plant- and mineral-based ingredients

Why It’s Economical:
Save time and money by buying one cleaning product. You won’t have to make trips to multiple stores or order from multiple online sources. Thieves Household Cleaner is an all-in-one cleaning product that will replace most of your household cleaners.
Thieves Household Cleaner is a concentrate. For most all-purpose cleaning, dilute 30 parts of water to 1 part of Thieves Household Cleaner. That breaks down to one 64 oz bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate = about 128 all-purpose spray bottles (30 oz. each) for about 88 cents a bottle. That’s cheaper than most all-natural cleaners on the market.

BUT there’s a way to save even more money. I can help you to get wholesale pricing to save even more. With a wholesale membership, you’ll pay just 67 cents a bottle and get wholesale pricing on all Young Living essential oils, cleaning products, vitamins, supplements, personal care products and much more.

Find out how to get wholesale pricing HERE.
Dilution Ratios:

  • All-purpose cleaning – 30 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Heaving degreasing – 15 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Light degreasing – 60 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Glass and windows – 50-100 parts water to 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner

Buy Thieves Household Cleaner HERE
1. Refrigerator

  • Remove all items from the refrigerator. Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 2 cups of water. Clean the outside of the fridge, including top, doors, and exterior water and ice areas. Clean the inside of the fridge, including shelves, produce drawers, doors, ice tray, etc.

2. Kitchen appliances

  • Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 1 cups of water. Clean stovetops, ovens, microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, blenders, mixers, etc. To clean the interior of a microwave, fill a microwave safe container with 2 cups of water. Place in microwave and heat for 5-10 minutes. The steam will make it easy to clean up food and food particles.

3. Light fixtures

  • First, dust light fixtures and bowls. Then, mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 3 1/2 cups of water. Clean fixtures, glass bowls, etc. to remove dirt and sticky residue.

4. Kitchen pantry, bathroom vanity, cupboards, inside drawers, under sinks

  • Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 2 cups of water. Wipe down kitchen surfaces to remove dirt, sticky residue, etc. Consider placing a cotton ball with 2-3 drops of Thieves essential oil to keep areas under sinks, cupboards, etc. smelling clean.


5. Wooden cabinets, tables, furniture

  • Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 1 cup of olive oil (add 2-3 drops of Lemon essential oil for a fresh lemon scent). Wipe down wooden cabinets, tables and other wooden furniture to remove dirt and clean surfaces.

6. Sinks and countertops

  • Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 3 1/2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray sinks, countertops and backsplash and wipe clean to remove dirt and grime. If sinks are dirty or stained, try this DIY Soft Scrub recipe

7. Garbage cans

  • For interior garbage cans, mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 3 1/2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray trash cans and wipe clean to remove dirt and grime. Consider placing a cotton ball with 2-3 drops of Thieves essential oil to keep trash can smelling clean.
  • For exterior and heavy duty garbage cans, mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 2-3 cups of water (use less water for heavier degreasing) in a bucket. Take garbage cans outside and use cleaning cloth to thoroughly clean. Use spray hose to rinse and let dry outside.

8. Toilets

  • To clean inside toilets, mix 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/2 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner to a toilet brush. Clean inside of toilet bowl and let sit for a few minutes before flushing.
  • To clean outside of toilets, mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 3 1/2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray outside of toilet, flusher knob, on top and underneath toilet seat to naturally clean.

9. Tile and grout

  • Add 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 1/2 cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray tile and grout. Let sit for a couple of minutes. Use a small brush to get stains out. You may use less water for stronger concentration as needed.

10. Windows, window sills and mirrors

  • Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 4-5 cups of water (add 2-3 drops of Lemon essential oil for a fresh lemon scent and/or 1 tsp of white vinegar for streak-free clean). Clean windows, sills and mirrors to remove dirt, sticky residue and grime.

11. Walls, outlets and vents

  • First, dust all wall and outlet surfaces. Then, mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 3 1/2 cups of water. Clean walls, outlets and vents to remove dirt and grime.

12. Floors

  • Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 4 cups of water (add 2-3 drops of Lemon essential oil for a fresh lemon scent and/or 1 tsp of white vinegar for streak-free clean). Clean windows, sills and mirrors to remove dirt, sticky residue and grime.

13. Carpet and upholstery cleaner

  • Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with about 6 cups of water and add to carpet or steam cleaner. Clean rugs, carpets and upholstery to remove dirt and grime. Be sure to spot test in an inconspicuous location first.

14. Dishwasher detergent

  • Add 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner to the bottom of the dishwasher to clean dishes.

15. Pots and pans

  • Mix 1/2 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 3cups of water to clean pots and pans.

16. Laundry detergent

  • Add 1-2 capfuls (depending on load size) of Thieves Household Cleaner to washer to clean clothes.

17. Baby and kids toys

  • Mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 3 cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray toys, play equipment, train tables, doll houses, toy organizers or shelves, etc. to remove dirt and naturally clean.

18. Hand cleaner

  • Mix 1/2 cup of Thieves Household Cleaner with 1/2 cup of water and add to a small spray bottle. Use as needed to naturally clean hands.

19. Stain remover

  • Got a tough stain on your clothes? Use Thieves Household Cleaner without dilution on the stain. Scrub gently with a small brush until the stain is gone.

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