Open Letter to RENTAL Property Owners:

“We don’t allow dogs.”

Excuse me? This is 2017, Where veganism is at its all time high, adoption rates have gone up & guess what, Animal Equality as a whole is becoming more ‘mainstream’ You look like an a$$ when you don’t allow pets.

We get it, we understand your fear of damage, but here is the thing, to you, it is a animal, to us, they are our fam! Our fur babies and they aren’t going anywhere. Most of us would be willing to put down more of a deposit, and or a pet deposit in order to earn your trust.

Yes, the dog could piss in the home a few times, it could chew on the blinds, but guess what, those things are REPLACEABLE, not allowing pets is like not allowing certain races.

Don’t be that person, set a comfortable pet deposit, add it to your contract that if anything is damaged from the pet is agreed to be replaced. and leave It at that.

I will keep it short and simple here, because I could go all in, I will leave the comments open for anyone that would like to add to this open letter, please feel free to share to get this seen by the people who need to see it.




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