MAGIC Skin Care Routine for Troubled Skin.

Friends! I have been sharing this combo with all of my friends and family & all over my social media, So I had to share with you too. I am 27 years young and have struggled with the unfortunate “hormonal” breakouts on my chin area, and even after Aunt flow leaves, I was left with texture, and tiny bumps in that area that I could never really get rid of. It was so frustrating. I tried a lot of products, from drugstore to name brand, face masks, scrubs, etc. After some searching on AMAZON one day for products that I could read the reviews on, I decided to purchase these TWO products that have CHANGED MY LIFE! My skin texture is GONE after 2-3 weeks, and my “hormonal” break outs are slim to none. I have never been so excited so I had to share. And even better, these products do not break the bank, you can get both of these products for about $15. Let me share what these 2 products are, and then I will share how I use them.

    1. Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, 12 oz
    2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap With Shea Butter 8 oz



How I use: If I have makeup up, I start by washing my face with my facial cleanser, rinse and then wash with the black soap and rinse. Pat my face dry, I use my micellar water with a cotton pad to remove any left over eye makeup or face makeup, once my face is completely dry I finish with the Witch Hazel, I just use a cotton pad a gently apply over my entire face and neck ( I do not rinse this off ) I repeat with the black soap and witch hazel in the morning before I apply my makeup.

If it is a no makeup kind of day, I just use the soap and witch hazel. This combo has truly made such a huge difference in my skin. I hope this helps you! let me know if you try this out.



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