Open Letter to RENTAL Property Owners:

“We don’t allow dogs.”

Excuse me? This is 2017, Where veganism is at its all time high, adoption rates have gone up & guess what, Animal Equality as a whole is becoming more ‘mainstream’ You look like an a$$ when you don’t allow pets.

We get it, we understand your fear of damage, but here is the thing, to you, it is a animal, to us, they are our fam! Our fur babies and they aren’t going anywhere. Most of us would be willing to put down more of a deposit, and or a pet deposit in order to earn your trust.

Yes, the dog could piss in the home a few times, it could chew on the blinds, but guess what, those things are REPLACEABLE, not allowing pets is like not allowing certain races.

Don’t be that person, set a comfortable pet deposit, add it to your contract that if anything is damaged from the pet is agreed to be replaced. and leave It at that.

I will keep it short and simple here, because I could go all in, I will leave the comments open for anyone that would like to add to this open letter, please feel free to share to get this seen by the people who need to see it.




Vocal Vegans

Why are vegans so vocal? Why are vegans so “preachy” ?

However you want to word it, it gets asked a lot and there seems to be a building vocal war between omnivores & herbivores.

I can’t speak for all, but I know for me when I was 1st exposed to the truth and the reality of the meat and dairy industry I felt sadness (for the animals) and anger (that this information is so hidden) Sure, if you have the desire to dig you can get all the information you’ll need, but for most… People don’t even want to hear about it. The biggest response I get from “meat eaters” is they don’t want to see it, that they know what goes on. And the only thought that goes through my mind is “what!?” That seems like a very selfish response, you don’t want to see it, why? Because it may effect your eating experience, or because you’ll continue to eat that way regardless of knowing the truth? That is the problem with today’s world, we get so comfortable in our day to day habits that we don’t seem to care what we put in our bodies, we don’t care where our garbage ends up. There was a quote I came across online that really resonated with me; “If animals could speak, mankind would weep”

I refuse to let myself go with the flow, to let myself make conscious decisions that 100% harm, rape and torture animals. So, why are vegans so vocal?

  1. We speak for those who have no voice
  2. We have been exposed to the truth
  3. We CARE
  4. We wish others would have told us the truth
  5. The meat & dairy industry is HUGE and we want our impact to be even BIGGER then theirs!

I understand, it can sometimes be a harsh approach, but we have been exposed to a harsh reality. A reality that we want no part of. And our reality is, there is no sugar coated way to tell people “Hey, look, that burger that you are eating, yeah uhhh… the thing about the cow it came from … ” You get the point.

It gets better over time, I learn to bit my tongue around certain people, I keep mental records in my head of people that will truly never care. Sometimes all you can do is continue to make that effort and just hope that they open their minds to at least educate themselves on what really goes on.

At the end of the day, were are not vegan for YOU, We are vegan for the ANIMALS. And though many do not like a “vocal vegan” guess who loves a Vocal Preachy Vegan? The Animals.


I simply ask others who are not vegan, to at least take 1 day … Just ONE DAY to do some research, educate yourselves. I understand watching torture videos is disturbing, but guess what!? Not all Vegan research has to include gruesome clips… I will link a few below


Once you are able to educate yourself, I think you will have a better understanding of why Vegans are so vocal. And understand Veganism is on the rise, and new vegans tend to be more vocal then long term vegans. It is a lot to take it, and when you are exposed to the truth, all you want to do is let others know.


Another thing to keep in mind, you are not missing out on anything! They make all things Vegan nowadays: Pizza, ice cream, cheese, meat, hot dogs, milk, creamer, bacon, burgers, eggs … So it makes the transition that much easier! All it takes are baby steps, the 1st step is to really take the time to educate yourselves, I push that a lot.


I truly believe education is key, not only is the meat and dairy industry cruel, but it harms our bodies eating like that, it harms our planet & the rising trend on veganism could help cure world hunger. I have 2 kids of my own, I am a very very persistent on educating them & letting them choose on their own, my oldest, though she does not have as much discipline yet, tries very hard to stick to a vegan diet, at her own will!


I could write for days on this topic! And there will be more vegan related posts to come. I truly hope that this post encourages someone to just do a little bit of research on this topic.

I will continue to be a vocal vegan, and will continue to remind myself to do so in a loving way without making others uncomfortable.